Why We’re Here: Pro mountain biker Cody Kelley has best performance after MotionIQ

MI staff

Motion Instruments is a company of mountain bikers and engineers who like to solve problems. One of the biggest challenges in competitive mountain biking is tuning our suspension to get the most efficient ride possible. Right now, we’re helping some of the biggest riders in the industry like Cody Kelley to overcome this challenge. Soon, we’ll help you too.

Cody Kelley—@kelleymtb on Twitter and Instagram—former BMX-er turned enduro pro climbing the charts. In fact, Cody just took a huge leap at the recent Enduro World Series in Northstar California. After his first session using our custom bike suspension sensor tech and MotionIQ app, Cody shot up the charts from mid-pack in a very stacked field to seventh place!

Cody’s bike builder, The Bike Company, has a couple of in-depth posts that explore the process of testing his runs with our tech and app. Check out Suspension Testing with Cody Kelley and MotionIQ, and MotionIQ – the How of MTB suspension data analytics.

The test results lead us to what I thought were some big changes for sure. Way bigger changes than I have ever made on a race weekend prior to using the data.

– Cody Kelley

Our homegrown bike suspension technology enables riders like you and Cody to accurately measure your suspension performance in real-time, then make data-driven decisions about how to tune for your next run. You no longer have to rely on gut feelings and guesses—MotionIQ brings actual, actionable results to your tuning sessions that you’ll feel on the next ride.

We’re on the home stretch of getting our tech-ready for a public debut. Whether you’re up against the competition or your own personal best, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve built and its power to enhance your ride.