Who, what, and why is Motion Instruments?

MI staff

August 14, 2019

Photo Credit - Niklas Wallner / IBIS Cycles

Rider - Julie Duvert

We are a team of lifelong engineers and mountain riding enthusiasts who love to solve problems. For the last two years, we’ve been obsessed with the problem of suspension.

Right now, dialing in your bike’s suspension is opaque and time-consuming. While suspension technology has advanced incredibly, our ability to adjust it for our needs has not. Most of us have been left to guesses and gut feelings—that’s why we started Motion Instruments.

We’ve created a powerful platform to help you measure, analyze, and tune your suspension. Then we worked to make it available to every rider, whether you’re sponsored on a competitive team or just got off your first trail.

Motion Instruments takes the guesswork out of tuning your suspension with our custom-built sensor, paired to our MotionIQ app which tracks and visualizes your ride data. Simply attach the sensor to your bike and hit the trail with your phone.

MotionIQ will collect a thorough set of suspension data from each ride, data that can guide you to the perfect suspension tune. You can even add a dash of gut feeling for old time’s sake.

Our product is currently being used by some of the world’s best riders, manufacturers, and coaches on the scene and they’ve been blown away. As we put the finishing touches on our platform, we’ll share more about our journey and product features. Look forward to shipping soon. Stay tuned, and get on our pre-order list!