Motion Instruments has developed an advanced sensor array that uses your phone to record, analyze, and display suspension analytics.

With the rapid advancement of modern suspension, we felt the only way to find your perfect fit was comprehensive data analytics, but it had to be simple and easy to use.

Motion Instruments data acquisition and analysis app
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After dozens of prototypes, thousands of lines of software, and hundreds of testing hours, we are ready to roll our technology into a product line. Our technology has led to radically different suspension tunes and has challenged assumptions that were set in stone long ago.

Engineered for Elite Performance


Sensors are built to last

High Sample Rate

Capture every moment with high resolution

Quantify Rider Vibration

Advanced vibration analysis

Instant Analysis

View your results, anywhere, anytime

Performance Analysis

Detailed Fork & Shock analysis

Bike Balance

Data visualization to quantify balance dynamically

Advanced Reporting

Side-by-side setting history & analysis

Scalable Data Platform

Easily store, manage, & share data in the cloud

Suspension Taxonomy

Comprehensive visualization & terminology


Your bike geometry & leverage curve

Installing Motion Instruments prototype
Motion Instruments prototype

With a comprehensive view of your bike suspension, you will quickly forget about settings. You’ll realize that with your data analysis, you can make the modifications needed to get the desired outcome, without guessing. You’ll have more confidence in your decisions because you are using hard facts, not opinions or gut feel. If you decide you need a suspension upgrade, or a tuning revalve, you can confidently state what your goals are and back this up with hard data.

Launching 2019

We will bring our product to market later this year. Stay tuned for our launch. Send us an email to be first the first in line.